Holidays are simply not days of the week

Yesterday being a holiday; Christmas, with my theory, premps the fact that it fell on a Thursday.  No Thursday stuff happened, only Christmas did, therefore thursday did not happen this week.  Does this mean today is thursday or monday or what?  It hardly feels like Friday…

We had a good little christmas here.  There are dozens of flu strains floating around and I think we might have a touch of a more mild one.  Either that or a diet of cookies and coffee is not great on your stomach.  The kids loved pretty much everything and all the toys have been opened, played with, combined and redistributed.  My favorite variation so far is Zoe claimed this toy (to Fiona from my sister Josie) is really an animal capture van and drove it around kidnapping all the animals.  It nabbed Mike the Knights horse, all the animals from Princess Sofia (birds and bunnies), and the 3 tweeting birds.  All of them were driven away and put in cages to be sold and/or in a zoo.  In the end Sofia’s bossy sister rescued all the animals so all ended well but thats what happens when you don’t tell your kids how to play with their toys.

they do look a little sinister….

The only gift big fail in our house was that I got 5 of 7 of the paw patrol dogs.  Thats all they had!  They were only a dollar each so I would have gotten them all if they were there but poor Fiona was very upset thinking they were lost.  She did settle down but since 99% of Paw Patrol episodes are about rescuing a missing member I can see where her concern comes from.  The real fail was that I switched my sisters gifts by accident.  Josie ended up with the ornament signifying 11 years married and poor Sinead got shorted with only 1 year…  Josie feels that she should just start with a bonus 10~  Sinead, just add bells….  sorry….

We had a fabulous duck dinner and then we played a fun new game.  Company would have been nice but we are just fine with just each other too.  Relaxing and intimate and low stress.

Today I faced the music and actually purchased a washing machine.  Ours died on Monday.  I think I will have to brave a laundry facility since 1/14 is far away….  It is supposed to be a magical machine with many features including extra water in a load, self balancing, steam to kill dust mites etc.  I didn’t really want to do it today but I just can’t ignore it.  Houseguests coming on Monday and NewYears party to prep for so my germs better die fast!


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One response to “Holidays are simply not days of the week”

  1. mamalisa4 says :

    sounds like a lovely holiday!!


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