Archive | December 22, 2014

I’m messing with my 4 year old

Before I had kids I would never have thought that a 4 year old could do anything.  I thought they were potty trained babies without real cognition and just bounced around and played and stuff.  So, yeah, if you think that too and you don’t have kids, 4 is actually a pretty bright age.  Three is also and two is getting there but four really does have it going on personality and intelligence wise.  Of course they still suffer from a severe lack of experience and maturity but I also know adults with the same issues.

Anyway, all that is basically my rational for messing with Zoe over christmas.  Since we are not leaving, there is a ton more time here to wrap and stack gifts.  I vividly remember checking tags and looking at boxes as they piled up in the house.  Over the weekend I wrapped the vast majority of the gifts and they are in the corner of my room.  We are careful of Fiona since she is naughty for the fun of it sometimes (2, so so so 2) but Zoe took a good look at the entire pile.  There is a number inequality and she noticed because she is getting something too big to wrap but that gives me way too much opportunity to mess with her about it.


I also need the ‘adult-light’ rationalization for her gift too.  She wants a makeup table.  She saw the fisher price pile-o-dayglo-plastic one and wanted it but upon discussing it that was the first time she ever even saw a makeup table (add that to the list of female things I’m failing at) and was quite fine with the concept of a ‘real one’.  Seriously, a real one is around the same price and much more long lived.  So, this is her big present;

I just put it together in the pantry room and it looks very grown up in person but is still on the petite side so she will fit it just fine.  Linking 4 years old, and, makeup table just sounds wrong but she is very interested in hair and makeup and fashion plus it is equally valuable as a small drawing table.

Lets just say I can’t wait for christmas either!