Archive | December 19, 2014

First day of the rest of my life

I feel like you all might be tired of me after yesterday!  It was a wonderful birthday made all the better by my family.  I remember when kids were tiny and they didn’t care a hoot if it was your birthday, finally, 2 of 3 care and the 1 usually follows along with the sisters for the most part.  Niamh and Zoe made me a book, all done ‘seceretly’ at night and they were very excited to give it to me.  I did pay a bit for the day because with schedules off bedtime was less routine and Fiona was overtired from two days of school in a row but now we are basically back on track again.

A part of me feels like I need a goal for the year.  For the past few there was always something big brewing ~

2005 – married and house

2006 – new job

2007 – reign

2008 – baby and Reign

2009 – bunches of travel

2010- baby

2011 – house buying (rental) – School

2012 – baby AND left job AND finished MBA

2013 – first year home, since I left in Sept it only counts a bit in 2012

2014 – started consulting


I know I’ll end up doing something I just usually have a general clue ahead of time.  Babies take a while to cook, houses do too.  We aren’t ready for another reign, there isn’t a good house to buy…  We are planning some construction but we have done something construction like most years and short of building a house it won’t count for the year~  Obviously I have short term plans like finishing christmas presents today and a playdate on Monday, houseguests after christmas – general mothering and wifing and contracting (and of course blogging) but what should my focus be?  Something to think about…

Naptime is short and I have a serger to play with so look for pictures of PJ’s soon (I hope).

Have a great day!