Early evening

5 pm hour I got the call that my serger was all ready for pickup so I ended up doing a virtual repeat of my morning errands.

Serger secured and to Cub (again) for kid dinner and coffee and I added in a stop to see the Beer Lady and get wine to match the steaks

IMG_3526 IMG_3525 IMG_3524

I got home to 3 hungry girls who were eager to eat dinner because they really wanted to eat the cake that Zoe decorated.


Cake and facetime with my parents and I got to open their gift of a very pretty Free-Trade necklace.  Bedtime was 66% perfect but Fiona pitched (is still pitching as I write but hopefully done by the time you read… especially if it is tomorrow…) a screaming fit.  2 is a hard age.


Up next is a steak dinner and 25 craft lollypops for Zoe’s class tomorrow~


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One response to “Early evening”

  1. razorbackwriteraus says :

    Such a pretty cake. Really caught my eye.


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