I have that nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something…. I seriously can’t figure out what though.  Obviously there is stuff I could be doing rather than looking at facebook or writing this, but, I just don’t know what….

Today is my last mother-heavy day before my birthday 🙂  I have long ago realized that my birthday is not going to get any to-do unless I do it myself. Last year I took the day ‘off’ by putting Fiona into daycare for the day (Zoe was already in on wednesday and Niamh in school) so for 8 hours I was FREE to do anything I wanted.  It was actually the first day in 1.5 years that I was not with Fiona the entire day so it actually was a very big deal.

This year I’ve had the luxury of 1 day a week with zero kids at home.  The reason I have this day is because my 2 hours of consulting pays for the day at school thus 2 hours of the day are sold already.  I’ve documented that like a goldfish, my given, must-do, tasks have swelled to take up the whole day so I don’t have a day ‘off’ really, I have a day that I do a ton of work.  SO I contrived to take my birthday OFF again with a combo of extra daycare and school it has been arranged and Lars is also taking the day off so we plan to go have a nice fun relaxing day together (and maybe paint the pantry and lay the floor, who knows!)  I’m going to make an effort today and tomorrow (and I have been on the job already) to do all the cleaning so I can wake up and enjoy the house.  To that end I’ve exiled all christmas totes back to the garage, I’ve finally transitioned winter and summer clothing, I did and folded ALL the laundry and put most away including swapping Niamh’s drawers around AND culling Zoe’s wardrobe to attempt to avoid fights every morning.

Well, I still can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing so I’ll just go wander around until it hits me~


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