Carpe Christi natalicium

I finally feel good about christmas!

99% of the cards are in the mail

2 boxes of gifts are also in the hands of the post office in plenty of time.

I shopped ALONE yesterday and wandered pretty stores and found good things and brought them home to a house that was still happy without me!

Teacher gifts are basically done, more would be gravy~

I have all the supplies needed for treats and little gifts.

I think I have the vast majority of the gifts for our kids done and I thought of a good, surprising, fun gift for Lars.

and I’ve found a fun horse drawn wagon ride for tonight and we have reservations.  I can’t let halloween activities outnumber Christmas!


A bell for each year teaching – I know these are semi no-no’s for teacher gifts but they are both new teachers. I’m also sending gift cards and some candy~


The weather is really odd for here but perfectly normal for NY.  It is that strange bright mist, foggy drippy day but I’m glad to  not be doing errands in a blizzard.


I need to un F my laundry hoarding situation so on to that while there is still nap time.



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