Dear On-Demand

Dear On-Demand

First let me thank you for existing.  You are a perk we appreciate from our cable company.  We love being able to catch up on a series we just discover , or, watch a show that our TiVo missed a bit of due to sports or weather alerts etc.

We have noticed one big thing that we think you can improve on – No Fast Forward.

Ok, I get why, you have commercials and you want us to actually watch them.  Thats ok when you only have one or two (sometimes you have 5 and that is a bit much) and we completely understand the need.  What we have an actual problem with is when one of us falls asleep (usually me) for the last 10 min of a show and there is no way to watch that last 10 without watching ALLLLLL the show before.  There are very few shows I want to watch 2x in 2 days!

It is very unproductive to complain without offering a solution so here is what I think will be a win-win;

Offer a ‘skip’ function that will jump 10min intervals forward.  Nobody will use the skip on the commercials since they would miss 8min of the show.  You can also make the skip go directly to a commercial if you want – works for me.  I will happily watch a 20th iteration of the exact same commercial in order to get close to where I stopped.  Given that you never quite know where you fell asleep, you might get people watching two or three sets of extra commercials in a show!  Look at that win for you!

I have no idea how hard it would be to make the FF button during on demand work like that but I have faith that you have staff engineers that love problems like that.

This would be a fantastic christmas gift so give it some though


The people of the world that fall asleep during shows.


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