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Fast Fiona is First again

Fiona was born 3 weeks early

Fiona walked at 10 months (and I’m not talking about a step, she walked)

Fiona talked at 1 and is now nearly as verbal as Zoe

And today she ‘beat’ her sisters by YEARS to her first haircut.


no…. she didn’t cut her own.


She has a hair twirling knotting habit that creates incredible knots in her hair.  She does this in her sleep, and falling asleep, and to top it off she rubs it as she twirls so it makes a super mess.  For the past year and a half I’ve been able to tease them out again with only minor losses but today she woke up with the mother of all messes and after 2 hours I got it down to this;


I basically had no choice.  To the ‘style ladies’ we go and get right in and since it was senior day the kids chair was all ours.  The hair washing did not go well but there was no shouting at least.  The hair cutting went very well actually but the stylist insisted on trying to unknot and took about 10min to get it just a little better.  I told her “I’m not weak, I’m desperate” I am actually really good at unknotting but this was impossible and even she couldn’t do too much.


I envisioned shaving the sides and back and just leaving the front long but we ended up with a cute layered cut that hopefully helps the problem….  I actually don’t have a good ‘after’ (yet) so post nap I’ll have to get one.  2014-12-111


Definitely sad to see the baby hair go and to have a grown up style so fast but I hope to have an easier time with the knots for a little while.  Zoe was also sad and very worried that Fiona would look like a boy but she does not, and, Zoe got sparkle spray and a lollypop so she is now 100% ok with Fiona’s haircut.


On the good side, her hair grows fast so she will have a chance at long hair again soon.


For the record

Zoe’s first cut at 3.5

Niamh’s first haircut 4/16/2011 exactly 3 (and never blogged before, sorry Niamh)