Archive | December 10, 2014

I missed my blogs birthday!

Yesterday my blog turned 11!  Wow, thats a long time.  Well I’m not famous yet from blogging but that isn’t exactly my goal.  Today is actually my nephews birthday (my blog is older than him!) and I have a pile of things to do like christmas cards and bill paying.  I volunteered at Niamh’s school and FYI, if you want to donate snowpants go to an elementary school since the ‘lost and found’ is more like the snow pant lending library.  I asked the teacher if seriously that many kids lost their PANTS but no, apparently they just keep them year over year for kids that forget.

I do like to spend time in the school.  It is comforting to be back in the environment I spent 19 years in with the BONUS of being on the top level.  I get to use staff rooms and roam the halls at will, the power, it is intoxicating.  Part of me longs for the belonging of the school day but not enough of me to get certified and licensed and all that noise, plus, I would go crazy I think with all the not best-practice things that go on.  I’ve been spoiled by six sigma and lean, I can never work in a school…..  I’ll just keep volunteering.

No matter how much I like to go to school it does set me back on my ‘free’ day so while I do have all my work obligations taken care of for the day I’m behind on the other list of things to do like ‘eat lunch’ so that is next on the list.  Then I think I’ll pay bills and maybe I’ll let go of some of my hoarded laundry – the kids are wearing off sized socks so I suppose its time.