Archive | December 8, 2014

A normal Monday

Woo Hoo!  Regular Monday!  After a regular weekend!  Boy I needed that do-nothing weekend.  On the one hand I should have done so many more things but it was nice that the world didn’t end because I didn’t.  We did a few things, Niamh went to a party, we got the christmas stuff out and they now dominate the kitchen in a big stack.  There is now a live/dead tree in a tree stand and we are waiting for it to look more conical so we can add decorations.  We did a good job on setting up the mantle but that is where the energy and cooperation ended.

Checking in on the advent beard of good deeds;

1. Help someone today – Zoe took this to heart kinda and every time she helped me she pointed it out.  Niamh went to school and did come home with a ‘atta girl’ note about spontaneously being helpful so maybe it sunk in

2. Read a christmas book – we had to pause that because all our christmas books were put away in the decorations boxes because I can’t handle year round christmas, to keep them special for christmas.  We did read many of them on Sunday

3. Clean your room – they protested this one.  I ended up doing 99% but Zoe did help clean Fiona’s room so that counts.  Niamh said she was happy to go to school because she didn’t want to clean her room.  Lars thinks this one is dumb, he is for chocolate.

4. Take cookies to the library – we made brookies, the union of brownie and cookie.  Basically make the cookie dough from the chip package and chill it, make a brownie mix and half fill mini cupcake tins (very well greased) and then make small balls of cookie dough and drop them into the cups.  They are awesome and well received by the library, the friends we brought some too when returning a tool we borrowed, and, friends that came over that night for game night.

5. Watch a christmas movie – this actually happened on sunday too, not that they abstained from christmas specials in general but on sunday we watched the Charlie Brown christmas special.  The kids prefer paw patrol but it was nice to watch together.

6. Make teacher gifts – we actually did this a few weeks ago and while they need wrapping I didn’t have time or space on the table to bring on this project – pinned for later

7. write letters to santa – on hold/semi done already…

and we were too Monday today to actually do then next one so that will be reported on another day…

Time for me to do more things to move this bus the right direction! 17 days til christmas.