Snack mom December

Niamh’s class has each kid bring in snack for everyone once a month(ish).  Personally I love this since I don’t have to worry about daily snack and once a month(ish) I can get all cool and crafty.  My only complaint is that there are 25 kids in her class.  Things come in sets of 6…  I resist the urge to just add one apple and tell the teacher to figure it out and go find the small or single size version in Walmart.


This month I wanted to do this

photo credit unknown! The pin goes nowhere but the picture

I even went alllll the way to costco with 2 kids to find they no longer carry pudding cups.   I was not sure I could get to another store and so we went with option 2, pringles cans.  They are the cutest little cans!!!  I want to send a list of things to do with empty pringles cans before they all end up in the trash.  Is that too much?  I spent about 15 min looking for a free printable to replicate a reindeer but decided my time was better spent just doing it myself in Excel.  Someday I’ll figure out how to attach a file you could download but this was super easy if you have excel you can do it in three steps;

1. Format your cell to be 3in high, 11in wide

2. Landscape your page

3.  Add free clip art, the santa and elves I used are in the pack that comes standard, but, they were almost the last 2 so scroll down.

You get 2 per page so I put some santa hats on the bottom that I’ll use for gift tags at christmas.


10 min of cutting, wrapping and taping and they are all complete!  Possibly the most easy one yet, I hope the kids like them 🙂


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One response to “Snack mom December”

  1. mamalisa4 says :

    What a great idea!!! I love this!! Good job!!


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