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10 Years Later

Back in November I posted that we have been married for 10 whole years!!!!  We intended to ‘get away’ but that just didn’t happen for a whole pile of reasons so we decided we (I and I really but he tends to agree so I say we) wanted professional pictures for our 10th anniversary.


I looked for pro’s in the area and choose a family friend.  He is less established, however, he knows the girls and has taken awesome pictures of us all over the years when he wasn’t even trying so he was a natural fit.  The icing on the cake was that he has studio access in Downtown StPaul and I have to say that studio lighting is like professional makeup and the fountain of youth mixed into one easy flash.  Of the 15 or so photographers I talked to all but 1 said they didn’t have studio and wanted me to do outdoors pictures.  …. look outside…. note frozen air, water, land… I’m going with the studio.


My parents were also in town so we got some pictures with everyone, just them, just us, and I even busted out the wedding dress for full “10 years later” style pictures.


Here are a few – More here on my G+ and if you are looking for the photographer, Jonathan Balch – click for his site

Bride+Groom+10 years = family

this dress hardly fit on my wedding day…

to be used on her wedding day. This is planning a head!


3 generations

3 girls, 3 toys, zero talking