Archive | December 2, 2014


For the first time in 9 years we are not going to NY for christmas.  Yup, there is a ton of down side but looking at positives this is the first year we can do an advent countdown all the way to the end.


I’m not doing candy or toys or treats or anything.  First they don’t need it, second I don’t want to go get it all x3.  My pincession only goes so far…


We are doing the trim the beard type countdown with a twist.  I added a ‘thing to do’ behind each strip of paper.  I did it the lazy way, I typed the numbers in one collumn in excel and made them a page wide, on the next page I put the things.  For both I formated to be center of the page and center of the cell (vertical and horizontal) and each cell is slightly taller to allow for room to cut.  I lined them up, cut a beard shape, and taped them together


I drew my own santa face and added a red hat.  Fiona gets to tape each ‘thing’ to the hat and the other girls are taking turns cutting.  So far so good 2 days in.


ps. I told them I got the list from Santa, he e-mailed me….  if anyone wants the list I used all formatted in excel let me know and I’ll e-mail it

pps. I tell Niamh (who is a lazy reader) that every one says ‘clean your room’ until she actually tries to read it….