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Company + holiday + vacation = no computer time :)

Checking in to make a possibly last post for 2014!

Sunday I had to brave the laundromat and I decided to view it as a mini vacation from my crew at home.  It was a fairly nice 3 hours (if you don’t mind the smell….).  I got home to Lars doing a version of cleaning that involved the kids running like crazy to and fro putting things away.  Things were better then I left fo thats something, often it tips the other way when they are all together.  It did take away a chunk of the time I was going to use to tidy but oh well, now we all have clean clothing.

Monday was actually a very nice day.  I took a gamble that inviting over a friend to play would be a positive for cleaning and organizing.  The real gamble was if they would make more mess during the play date then I cleaned elsewhere.  I pressed them into helping pre-play date (Fiona went to school) and then they did play really well and created very little mess.  I got a ton done and they had fun and almost no TV all day!  I actually took the opportunity to super clean the living room, finding all sorts of treasure under the sofa and chair that I don’t usually move.

It might sound crazy to have a massive party while you have company BUT today I really only have to clean the kitchen since the rest of the house is pretty much good still.  I continued the play date theme by having a friend over yesterday afternoon so Lars and his BFF could hang how and loosely supervise while they totally entertained each other.  I’m doing the same today at 12:30 – friend #3 over and I hope to party-fy the house.  Yesterday BFF-W (best friend forever’s wife) and I went out to a few fun stores and had a fun time out that would have been super fun if I didn’t contract a migraine that morning.  It is finally gone now – a full 24h later – and good riddance!

This Last Day of 2014 is shaping up to be fun.  This is my first New Years party hosting and I’m getting excited!  I didn’t overreach – we are just doing pizza snack style and have a bunch of board games to play.  People are bringing stuff and I even told the kids they could stay up.  I saved (aka forgot about) a bundle of sparklers so my first act of 2015 will be to run around in the freezing cold with friends and kids and husband 🙂

Ok, time to go clear the decks and find the chairs and probably some cups.  If I don’t post again this year happy new year, see you next year!

Today is on its ear too

Usually I am very scheduled.  Not like a strict-strict schedule but we do have things we do each day usually and I have a morning and afternoon and evening routines.  There are tons of variations on the themes but for the past few days none of the things happen ‘as usual’.  I want to say meals have been generally regular, I do feed the children, but timing has been +/- an hour from normal.

I’m very glad to see so many other people on facebook saying things like “goal not to wear anything but yoga pants or PJ’s” or “my kids just change into fresh PJ’s at bedtime”.  yes and yes!  This is definitely not how things go when we are in NY but we also tend to go out or people come over etc.  I made it a mission to make sure we had enough food in the house for the holiday and just today we are on our last 6 eggs so I’m doing well.

I have a feeling it won’t get too much better when we have guests actually since one of them had knee surgery just after thanksgiving I don’t see many big outings for us.  It is pleasant, kinda drifting through the day with no real plans and the only loose attendance on the clock for eating and sleeping.   Keeping the TV time minor is a bit of a fight but they do have a ton of toys to play with.  Lars has been sick so even if we had plans we would have had to cancel them but today he is feeling much better and played a new game with the girls and now is at a friends birthday poker party.  My goal while he is gone is to reclaim the living room but I’ve been nibbling away at the piles for the past few days so nothing is too bad.  The only major hurdle is the laundry since the machine won’t be here until Jan 14 we have to go ‘deal with’ laundry tomorrow I think.

Workouts are the thing I miss and tonight I think I can get back to it.  I have plans for pizza dinner (since they don’t need egg I’m good) and once they are down I can get a good workout in.  I think the lazy vacation mode is novel and nice for a few days but a teeny tiny part of me will be glad to get back to ‘normal’ after new year’s weekend.

Holidays are simply not days of the week

Yesterday being a holiday; Christmas, with my theory, premps the fact that it fell on a Thursday.  No Thursday stuff happened, only Christmas did, therefore thursday did not happen this week.  Does this mean today is thursday or monday or what?  It hardly feels like Friday…

We had a good little christmas here.  There are dozens of flu strains floating around and I think we might have a touch of a more mild one.  Either that or a diet of cookies and coffee is not great on your stomach.  The kids loved pretty much everything and all the toys have been opened, played with, combined and redistributed.  My favorite variation so far is Zoe claimed this toy (to Fiona from my sister Josie) is really an animal capture van and drove it around kidnapping all the animals.  It nabbed Mike the Knights horse, all the animals from Princess Sofia (birds and bunnies), and the 3 tweeting birds.  All of them were driven away and put in cages to be sold and/or in a zoo.  In the end Sofia’s bossy sister rescued all the animals so all ended well but thats what happens when you don’t tell your kids how to play with their toys.

they do look a little sinister….

The only gift big fail in our house was that I got 5 of 7 of the paw patrol dogs.  Thats all they had!  They were only a dollar each so I would have gotten them all if they were there but poor Fiona was very upset thinking they were lost.  She did settle down but since 99% of Paw Patrol episodes are about rescuing a missing member I can see where her concern comes from.  The real fail was that I switched my sisters gifts by accident.  Josie ended up with the ornament signifying 11 years married and poor Sinead got shorted with only 1 year…  Josie feels that she should just start with a bonus 10~  Sinead, just add bells….  sorry….

We had a fabulous duck dinner and then we played a fun new game.  Company would have been nice but we are just fine with just each other too.  Relaxing and intimate and low stress.

Today I faced the music and actually purchased a washing machine.  Ours died on Monday.  I think I will have to brave a laundry facility since 1/14 is far away….  It is supposed to be a magical machine with many features including extra water in a load, self balancing, steam to kill dust mites etc.  I didn’t really want to do it today but I just can’t ignore it.  Houseguests coming on Monday and NewYears party to prep for so my germs better die fast!

Merry merry

Ending the day with a candle lit duck dinner. Cheers

Typed lovingly with my thumbs

Christmas Eve!

Today is the day to tire the kids out so they pass out because last night they were monstrous!  I might just pass out with them because I’ve been just as busy as they are.

Started the morning bright and early since Fiona has only one wake up time.  Breakfast of leftover birthday cake – they think its because I’m the best mom in the world, the real reason is that I need the space in the fridge.  Fueled by cake they started cleaning their room because that is what Santa’s beard told them to do and today is the last day to impresses the man.  While they cleaned I did battle with some Italian Tri colored cake.  This is my first time making it and the batter is less like batter and more like tar.  I got them baked and then made a batch of Lars’s favorite Cowboy cookies (half oatmeal).  Since the kids were being really good I started a batch of meringue tree cookies but something went tragic in the process and the batter would not make peaks.  I think it is the mint flavor, before that I was fine, after I was sticky goo.  I made another batch without flavor and in 5 min they were ready for decorating.


gets her own pan since she decided to dip her cookie into the tree…


What to do with the minty goo?  Well, it was 5 egg whites and a cup of sugar and cream of tarter and a bunch of mint flavor so I am experimenting.  I added 2 sticks of butter, 3c flour, 1/2c oatmeal (remainder of the container), baking power and soda and put the yolks back in.  The resulting batter looks like a heavy cake or light cookie….  I put it in a baking dish (so it will either be cake or cookie bars) and poured a whole bunch of chocolate chips on top.  We will see how that goes….  After reading all those Hannah Swenson books there really is a definite pattern to most recipes and I think it will be ok.  Oh, and they are also green, so ….

While I was baking the room got clean-ish and so I kicked them all outside.  The floor is muddy now but the kids played for almost an hour.  I made this trough of lunch for them and while they were eating the sun came out!  out they all went again and I sent Niamh and Zoe with the christmas lights I never got around too.  Who knows what they came up with but they had fun doing it.  Nap time for them now and the ‘creation’ is in the oven.


I am really ahead for tonight already.  Everything is wrapped, PJ’s are done, and even stockings are filled.  I have never been this ahead ever.  We even have all the food we need for tomorrow in the house.  The only negative at the moment is that our washing machine bit the dust Monday but we are filing that under things we are ignoring until after christmas….

Once the creation is out I think I’ll join them in nap time.  Hope everyone is having a nice christmas eve (or Wednesday).

Ps. I know I’m not winning compared to a real baker but I used 18 eggs, 1.5lb butter, 5c sugar and  10c flour today