Pantry day 2 and Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a bright and sunny day here, only thing we could ask for is maybe something above zero temperatures….

The time lapse thing is fun but the cold keeps eating my battery so we look up and suddenly it is off again but we did get some fun ones and I’ll render them all when I have time.  I’m on a quick break because we needed staples so Lars is at WalMart.  By the way, Thank You all who are working today!  Not just the convenience of being able to get things we forgot, but, all the police and EMT and hospital people just to name a few.  I know people who if it snows, they will be out plowing.  I know people that if they get a call for a fire they will leave their turkey cooling on the table to go fight a fire.  I know there is back and forth about things being open and people missing holidays but for me, I’ll just throw out a big Thank You and not make judgements on your behalf.

The pantry is starting to look like a real room.  We ran into all sorts of odd impediments like lights being in just the wrong spot and the wiring being done by a drunk monkey so sorting that out…  We also seem to have very very very hard cement because I used 2 drill bits and 2 batteries up drilling 4 anchor holes.  The floor is in (and insulated), the studs are up, there is a framed in section for a door and today dad is working on moving switches and outlets and Lars and I put up drywall.  Maybe by dinner we will have spackle?

Lars is doing most of the cooking so I’m #1 helper outside and the kids are all listening to grandma and all in all a nice happy calm productive day over here.  I wish nothing less for anyone reading~

Back to it!


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