What I like

about me… this is another Miss Zoot prompt.  She is an incredibly self deprecating type and also shy so this is an exercise for her and I’m playing along.

I’m fairly happy and/or uncaring about most of my body and I’ve gotten over most of my issues from preteen and teen years about body things and I bet back then maybe 1 in 1000 people even noticed the things I hated.  Being basically ok with your body also means you don’t tend to love any one bit but today is the day I’m supposed to say what I really like.


1. I really like my eyes.  I always have.  I like the shape and the color and the fact that my eyes change color with my outfit.  Niamh has my eyes, Zoe’s are a bit darker and Fiona has blue.


2. I love my brain.  Sometimes it fails me but when I say fail I mean I drop one of 5 balls in the air.  When I started this project for the pantry I estimated that I would need between 500 and 600 in materials and I was spot on.  At the grocery store I can usually call the total within $10, Lars used to love to test me~ I don’t know how or why but my brain is like a price index – maybe I watched too much price is right as a child?  I also rock at spacial relations.  I can visualise 3d in most cases and I’m seldom wrong when it comes to size or fit.  This is very handy when you pack the car a lot.


Both these things I was lucky enough to get from my parents.  Both genetics for eye color (dad) and shape (mom) and both are also great at spatial relationship so there was plenty of good examples on how to sew, build, pack, etc.  I was under the impression that everyone could pack like we could until I was proved very very wrong more than once.  The most memorable example was someone volunteering to pack our car because I was very pregnant and it was very very cold out.  He did such a suck job he actually but a CYLINDER on the bottom, under two tippy heavy rectangular things.  We had a lot of things to fit and he had 50% still on the ground when he ran out of room…. So I looked like the crazy hormonal pregnant woman who pulled everything out and repacked it myself!  Over the years I’ve learned that it is not as easy as I think, but, my kids seem to be getting the gene/training because they all seem pretty good at it too.


This might not be exactly the post they are looking for, but, it is what it inspired me to write~


The rest of the week/day/month is getting more full by the second so I’m not sure what I’ll post each day but there will be something.  With under 10 days to go in the challenge I know I can get it done.


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