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Cold weather caution; 10 tips for southern belles

It seems way too early for this and I was hopeful that we would snap out of it¬†but instead of it going away the cold seems to be taking over the entire US (except for FL and HI ūüėõ )

thanks WeatherBell

Here in MN it isn’t all that big a deal because our houses are built and we have plenty of warm clothing, but,¬†but all my southern friends are in potentially worse situations even if they are 30 degrees warmer because freezing is still freezing. ¬†(funny story, I went to china and had to watch my packing so I only brought a light jacket figuring I was used to -10 their 30 degrees would feel balmy. ¬†#1 China does not heat all their building and really don’t heat their factories #2 I now own a chinese thermal outfit #3 I’m a giant in china, I had to buy an XXXL) ¬†According to it was a record low in far too many places this week…. I fear to read more on her site but this was a good article

This post is far less for my neighbors in MN or even NY but for all my blog friends and readers in the southern states.  Here are some tips I hope help;


1. Really close your windows.  You might think they are closed but make sure the lock is locked, even a tiny crack is drafty.

2. Curtains help insulate, sunlight helps heat. ¬†Figure out when you get lots of light and open blinds, shut them tight if there is no sun or at night. ¬†If you don’t have thick curtains for a bad cold spell hang something up like a blanket just for the short term.

3. Roll up blanket or towels to put along the bottom edges of exterior doors.

4. After doors and windows, walk around and feel for drafts.  We had a major draft from our fuse box and also a light switch on an exterior wall.  Try to cover or insulate wherever you can but just know weird things might be drafty (especially if your house was not built for freezing).

5. Keep a (few) faucet(s) dripping all night.  Moving water is less likely to freeze.  If you want to conserve, stick a container under the drip and use it the next day for your coffee maker or the cats water.  No need to waste but way better then a frozen burst pipe

6. Put thought into your footwear when you are going out.  If you own boots, just bring them, just in case you need to walk for help.  Might also be good to put a blanket in your car just in case

7. If you are in a house NOT built for cold, check out your furnace. ¬†It might be better to set your thermostat at something low like 60 so your system isn’t overburdened. ¬†If it is 15 or 20 degrees outside, your system is making your house 40 degrees warmer (if it is at 60). ¬†Think about the summer, you set your AC at 75, how often is the outside over 100? ¬†That is only cooling 25 degrees…. ¬†If your cold, put on a sweater.

8. Wear layers. ¬†It really is warmer to wear 4 thinner layers then one bulky one. ¬†Tights under pants, tank tops under shirt, under sweater… ¬†Wear a hat

9. Electric blankets.  This is down the list since it is not free, but, a cozy electric blanket makes beds very nice.

10. On the subject of beds Рany kid mattress that is covered in plastic will be COLD.  Put a warm blanket under their sheet and forgo cute pjs and just dress them in sweat pants and sweat shirt and socks if you know they are not going to stay under covers.

Those are my tips to make cold a bit more comfortable.  Stay safe and warm!


ps. took me 20 days to resort to weather for a blog post ūüôā ¬†tomorrow…. my cat!