Archive | November 17, 2014

Happy Birthday

To my grandmother who turns a number that rhymes with “Lady” and “Hive”.  She has done a ton in her live thus far and is one of the strong women who led by example most of my life.

Way too often referring to Grandy we start or end a sentence with ‘for her age’ and it is sad that her limitations are growing, but, she is still bright and intelligent in the moment (not just for a moment every so often… she forgets things but her logic and reason are always on).  I’m reading a book right now about a women in her mid eighties battling the same memory issues and it is hard to read but also an interesting perspective.  One interesting passage was about when the granddaughter was teasing her, she loved it because she felt that it meant that her granddaughter still thought she was intelligent enough to get the joke.  Now I feel extra validated in my weekly teasing of my grandmother.


I wish I could visit, I wish she could know my kids but what I can do is call her every week.  I’m as part of her routine as she is part of mine.  The family in NY all got together yesterday for a big lunch and I was there for a little via facetime.  I hope today is mellow and fun and festive too as she rolls into the next year.