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In a Tiny house I would…

Today the email prompt from was a fun one.

Someone’s paying you to move into one of those tiny house everyone is talking about. If you can survive a whole year in that house with just the things on this list, you get a bajillion dollars. Tell us how you fill in this List Of Things You Can Take With You:
5 books
3 outfits
You have a fridge/stove/oven – but you can only take 1 counter-top appliance
1 DVD collection of a TV show (your budget doesn’t allow for Netflix)
1 childhood artifact
They will give you ONE subscription to a magazine – what is it?

photo from Palm to Palm Tiny House

I have had a fascination with tiny houses for years and years and I have even watched numerous documentaries on them.  I like that they are so accessible and achievable.  I like that they can be super clever with hidden storage and a minimal aspect.  I know, I’ve been feeling like the walls on my 1800+ square feet are closing in on me, what would a tiny house be like?  I read the prompt first thing this morning and went about my normal morning of making breakfast and packing lunch and checking snow pants and boots and hats – then to the gym where I turned my arms to noodles – and the ride home where Fiona promptly fell asleep – all the while this little prompt churning around in my brain….
For purposes of this exercise I am assuming my children are big enough to be elsewhere because there is about zero ways to have 3 kids in a tiny house (120sqft).  I’m also going to assume Lars is with me but he gets his own picks.
5 books;  I will keep 5 photo albums – very hard to choose but I’m going to hang my hat on the fact that I will still have an ipad or phone that I can borrow books from the library and look up info online so no need for fiction or nonfiction.
3 outfits; 1 good black yoga pant, 1 good jeans, 1 maxi skirt, 1 long sleeve black shirt, 1 pink t shirt, 1 awesome tanktop, 1 long gray soft flattering sweater.
Microwave.  If I got two appliances I would say blender but a microwave is key to my cooking.  I guess I’ll figure out how to toast in an oven~
1 DVD collection – I think West Wing.
1 childhood artifact – my popple?  For a year I think I could leave everything in storage…
Magazine – Fast Co.  No reason for fancy crafting or cooking magazines and I really like their articles and their take on things.  This is also assuming ability to get news from the internet or else I would have to go with TIME or something like that.
Lars chimed in on this and he would take no books, no comment on clothing but I would guess jeans, cozy pants, sport shorts, 3 graphic teeshirts, 1 hoodie since that is basically 100% of his wardrobe anyway.  He is going to take the complete series of “The Young and Restless” since it is 57 years long that should be fun.  He has no childhood artifacts so he is saving space there too.
The point of the tiny house is to use the world as your living room and to not take up gobbs of resources heating or cooling tons of house.  I think the tiny house movement should be encouraged strongly for young people right out of school.  Why pay 50% or more of your salary for an apartment where you get no equity?  Sell it when you get married and want to start a family and you should have a fair downpayment.  The other end of the spectrum is good too, when your family is out on their own, or, you want a separate space but need to live close for one of the many reasons one does in their 70’s.  I would love a yard that could have a tiny house guest house- maybe someday.
Miss Z thought this was a toss away prompt but I really like it and I’m happy to chatter on about a tiny house life and if I got a gazillion dollars at the end the lack of work out wear would be worth it~