Archive | November 13, 2014


The news of the day is we finally got a TiVo again!  We had one for years but when our cable company changed they could not make it work.  Monday I got it in my head that the cable bill was creeping up and up and I needed to see about that.  My win of the day was rearranging things so I dropped a few things we never used, picked up Stars (Outlander at my house!) and when the rep asked if there was ‘anything else’ I mentioned TiVo.  It was such a nice surprise to hear that not only do they have them, but, they are the new standard and are 3x the size and can manage 4 shows at once.  Goes to show asking never hurts 🙂

I’m also happy that I got them to drop the bill $40.  Occasionally I like to add up my ‘salary’, I count all the money we don’t pay like daycare, or, things I have time to investigate and/or fight about like PMI or kooky things on our credit card – how I noticed a sneeky auto renew.  I don’t do much with coupons except for good % off ones but I know people who save a mint with coupons.  For me, a coupon makes me go buy something I was not planning on and usually other things too (the whole point of coupons!).  Sometimes it is validating to do something like that but usually I just try to make good decisions and not go crazy over finding every possible penny.

Blogging every day does bring out the dull in our lives doesn’t it 😉  Well I’m going to finish this up, then head out for a ‘mom night’ where I do fun things like rescue my computer from the repair shop, pick up some groceries, and meet the other board at Applebees.  Hope you had a good thursday so far too~