Archive | November 12, 2014

oddly productive despite

So yesterday my computer started clunking funny.  Of corse I did the #1 trouble shooting step of cleaning and after removing enough dust and fur to make a small cat I closed it up and hoped for the best.  Right around bedtime I heard the sound of an injured whale and I quickly shut down and crossed my fingers it was only a fan.  This morning I brought it to the computer shop near by, consigning my work horse to the hands of strangers.

The rest of the day I was at loose ends because I did not have my go-to distraction.  I do have a laptop so I easily did my contract work but I was in the wrong location in my house for my ‘normal’ Wednesday doodle around and internet stuff (including blogging which is why this is posting so late).  Instead I hooked up my audio book and cleaned my way through the house.  On top of my lack of computer Lars was super busy and didn’t even take lunch and I didn’t have any other meetings today so I not only cleaned, I got a few small projects done that have been hanging on the edges.  I also got to talk to my sister and witness the incredibly odd ritual of a ship leaving pearl harbor blasting “Bad to the bone” (Navy ship hull 90 btw) so loud that it could not be ignored and my sister and I (via FaceTime) waved good-bye to maybe the most fun ship in the Navy.  I also got to talk to my friend on her drive, always a fun diversion from the normal run of the mill day.  I picked up the girls and now 1 is at karate and I’m contemplating dinner for #2 and #3 but I don’t want to mess up my super clean kitchen…


Hey, guess what, didn’t post when I thought I would and I did in the end make them dinner.  Zoe was very hungry and tired and exhibited some stunning behavior that I had to step over a lot while cooking but I can fix hungry and tired will be fixed soon.

I’m still waiting on word about my computer….

In other news I’ve been successfully getting on the elliptical for a min of 15 and a few nights 50 minutes nearly every night.  I took a picture yesterday and lets see if I can see a difference by christmas.

Time to post so I can parent the kids into bed~