Archive | November 11, 2014

Vets day

I’m so glad I know far more members and former members of the military that are Alive (not qualifying them for memorial day) – hard to even count them all.  Most prominent are my Army sister and her Air Force husband (mixed marriages can work), currently suffering in their foreign duty assignment in Hawaii….  There is also Fiona’s godmother’s Marine husband languishing in southern California….  Plenty more friends and people I knew choose a military career and I’m glad to have such talent in defence of our country.


Lars has today off, always a surprise to him and us, so we had a laid back weekend like day but one child short since they still have school here.  We ran some errands and Lars got the pleasure of seeing Target during the 11am shuffle time.  You might think stocking only happens late at night but we day shoppers know that mornings see a ton of pallets roaming the store.  The most notable (and apropo) was a display of Call of Duty games that we first saw next to the coffee display in the grocery side and then later we saw the same one (yes, it really was) in the christmas section and while we were on line we saw the SAME one being rolled to a new home by an employee.  Don’t know if they were looking for a good spot for the display, or, stalking the one person who met the target demographic (Lars) in the store.

Lunch out as a treat, not that either of us served but we both got close.  I did years of a JRotc program and one year of ROTC in college and Lars was accepted to the Air Force academy but was told he would never fly due to his eyes so he declined the acceptance.  He also nearly worked on Navy subs as his first job out of college but took a far less glamorous job at a sugar plant to be closer to me.  We both seriously considered the military life and I think that makes us actually appreciate those that choose it more than average.

Thank you volunteer Army, Navy, Marine, Air Force!