Archive | November 10, 2014

First snow

It happened.  You know why?  I forgot we broke our shovel at the end of last year.  (I actually know it was from the Canadians! they sent us their cold air…)

The girls were soooo happy though so I’m trying to get in their mindset.  Fiona went out first, putting on snow gear over her PJ’s and tromping around the deck.  She went out again later with me while I did the driveway she trooped all over the yard.  No picture can capture the tiny little girl in a neon orange suit in a great big world of snow.  Niamh and Zoe have big plans for when they get home to play play play and I’m all for that!  I think we will end up with about 6 inches total, not a bad start.


Snow does make things brighter at night, all reflecty and nice rather than just endless dark.  This particular snow I’m sure will melt but by December we just have to be ready for a lot of white :).