Archive | November 8, 2014

Happy Deer Opener

When I worked at the former workplace deer opener was like a corporate holiday.  The guys were giddy in the weeks preceding, beards were grown (before it was cool to have a bead) for some reason, maybe to trick the deer?  Then came the pictures of dead deer shown off like proud pappas on monday morning.


I nearly missed it this year!  None of my real-life friends hunt and I completely and totally forgot about this hallowed occasion until we hit a touch of traffic going north yesterday.  I remarked to Lars that it is a very good thing that he does not hunt because it would always conflict with our wedding anniversary and even if we have no plans I would not like the choice on the table.


Our anniversary weekend is mellow so far.  We went to the childrens museum (for those of you counting that is 2x in 2days for me) and met one of Zoe’s friends there.  We had a very nice time and while the museum was a bit more crowded then a weekday the kid to parent ratio was way better because weekdays usually include huge school groups.  We got some pizza on the way back and it was fairly disappointing but my happiness is not determined by pizza.  No real plans for the rest of the weekend but I’m sure things will happen…


Good luck to all the hunters and those left behind by hunters, may your freezers be full and happy.