Mom of 3 mommy of 1

I was thrown into the deep end of stay at home parenting.  I went from 2 kids in daycare working full time to 3 kids at home aged newborn, 2 and 4.  That was a hard transition but like parents of twins when you don’t know different you are not concerned.  Over the following 2 years we ‘made it work’ to have 2 days at daycare for the older two.  It gave me time with just Fiona as a baby and a little time to get used to things and the kids were not 100% pulled away from the ‘school’ they knew.  Soon it was time for school for Niamh and having just 2 was a crazy change.  I said it tons of times, take away 1 from however many kids you have and it feels like you have an extra hour in the day and an extra hand on your body!


Now Zoe is in school 2 days a week and while there were always ‘mommy and Fiona’ days now she is a real little person who wants to do things. She has become accustomed to going out daily and fun things since all summer I had all 3 90% of the time and with the sudden loss of her sister friends Monday and Friday are a bit odd.  For the past 2 months we have used Monday as the big catch all day for cleaning and errands because Fiona is game to go to the post office, bank, grocery trek but today was the first day we went to a museum without any sisters.  It was weird, just one kid to watch…  There is no denying that I am still the mom of 3 but today I looked like the mommy of one little blonde bopping around the museum with me in tow.  We met a friend there so it was a very nice morning but when Fiona was getting spent there was no sister for her to ‘hang in there’ for so we left.  I don’t really have any more time in my day since I was still out of the house but I can see my future today.  Next year Zoe and Niamh will be 5 days in school and I’ll suddenly be the mommy of 1.  I might have to play ponies far more….  I feel bad for the only children out there because the second Niamh gets home it is like a switch is flipped and the crew of them jump into a game or some activity.  Sometimes they fight and usually one is being left out but the energy of the house changes when they are all here.


Even though it was weird to go somewhere ‘cool’ with just Fiona I have promised myself that I will NOT stop doing things because I ‘just’ have Fiona.  She does not deserve a less fun experience, she should not be discounted, because she is just as active and creative as her sisters for whom I made it my ‘job’ to make sure they got the most of me staying home.  I have to get over it, Fiona thinks it is wonderful to have my lap to herself, her pick of the toys, and her timing without compromise 🙂


These are the things I think about driving in the rain with just 1 sleeping girl…



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