Archive | November 6, 2014

Bride +10 (10 years married!)

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary.  Amazing…..  I honestly did not picture anything (other then still being married) about 10 years in the future on the day of but here I am!


In some ways it has been predictable.  We were living in MN when we got married and we are still here.  We got a house, had a few kids, he climbed the corporate ladder a bit and I got off at a landing for a few years of professional Mom time.  If someone were writing a book that would be too dull a story line but it is a nice life.


There is plenty of things to be happy about in the past 10 years and only a few sad things.  We had a vague plan to ‘get away’ this weekend but it didn’t work out between our go-to sitter needing to work and Lars’s work looking ominous.  Instead I want to get professional family pictures done and that should be something we can do and keep forever.


Here is my Bride+10 picture for the year.  Nothing ‘done’ about it since I just got home from the guy but I’m worked out and freshly showered.


Gifts later in the day but we both said ‘nothing fancy’ since we are looking at renovation and travel and all sorts of better ways to use money then gifts.


Ps.  A note to you all out there in case you were thinking about reading Gone Girl… it is a great book (so far) but really NOT one to read on your anniversary!

pps. Here is last year