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10 Organization tips for a stay at home mom

MissZoot is sending out prompts to help give inspiration and so far I’ve had other things to talk about but I like this one!  I always said if there was a paying job to organize I would do it.  Technically, my last job was organizing virtual things. The term ‘organized’ is so broad, and I like almost every subheading, but today the prompt was about keeping organized in your stay at home mom life.  I was busy in an office but I had a calendar that everyone used and was very good but that is not right for my life now.  I’m busy every day now too, just a different kind of busy!  Mom’s need organization to not forget something important because even if your kids don’t care YOU care and I feel bad for ages for ‘messing’ up something I should be on top of.  I’m not even touching organizing the toys or food  but I have a decent method of keeping track of the action of the day.

Warning.  I am not saying these things will keep you perfect.  Once I went to the airport on the right day of the week in the wrong week….  BUT I do much better when I stick with the program.

List style – because I love lists – here is what I like to do –

1. Dry Erase marker next to my tooth brush.  I write on the bathroom mirror stuff I need to remember the next day.  I always see it, and, I don’t loose/waste a post-it.  Bonus; also good for writing down fevers and med times etc when kids are sick.


2. Bullet Journal – I’ve written about them before but in essence they are a book of lists and it is handy to have in one spot.  I customized mine to have a C next to computer items since my computer time is really limited.  I use a triangle if I have to leave the house.  For a normal task I use a box…


I like to have a little DFTBA sometimes...

I like to have a little DFTBA sometimes…

3. Phone reminders – I have alarms for waking up, vitamins, bus, bus pick up, and final good night.  This saves me from looking at the clock all the time on tight timing things.  Bonus; when I loose my phone I can find it at a known time since I just have to follow the alarm (I usually keep it on silent otherwise)


4. Phone reminders 2 – other than the constant ones, I add periodic ones when needed like to remember to be the tooth fairy.


5. I talk about the ‘plan of the day’ all the time so everyone is on the same page.  Every breakfast – day to come, every bed time – what we did/whats up tomorrow.  By telling them I confirm it in my head and helps them be ready for the transitions.


6. A SOP list – Instead of writing down the same things daily (collect dishes, stray laundry, blah) I have a list that I run down daily written on the bookmark in my bullet journal.  There are days I am just SO LOST in the vast to-do list of my life I like to revert to standard operating procedure….  Like a little reset button in my brain.  Ps.  task #1 is make the bed and that honestly rolls me to the next and the next and by accomplishing something visual I feel better and am more able to do the things that take brain power.


7. Long term planning – if I can add it to a calendar with reminders I do, as soon as I get the info.  This sometimes means I’m surprised by an email reminder that something is happening TOMORROW because I wrote it down so long ago but if I didn’t write it down there would be zero chance of remembering. ever.


8. Linking things – I couple things together like St Patricks day and drain the hot tub, or, Taxes MUST be done by Niamh’s birthday.  Doing one will trigger the other…


9. Visual calendar in the kitchen.  I actually have 2, the one from the school inside the cupboard with the coffee and one that is just a week that is dry erase that I fill in with the kids.  I do like a paper calendar every so often.


thank you pinterest! Yes, this is a photo collage frame with pretty paper inside….


10. ‘Sit’ and plan times.  I have a few little down times in my day that I like to use to order the day to come in my head.  I neeeeeed those times.  It is always a multitask (waiting for a bus, in the shower, brushing teeth) but days I don’t do it, or my ‘me’ times are used other ways I am way less productive.


So those are 10 tips that help me.  Hopefully some help you and if you have a tip let me know, I’m always refining.