Archive | November 4, 2014

My NaBloPoMo Neighbors

I did have the goal of finding new blog friends so I started clicking the people who signed up near me on the list and who commented near me.  It is because I  believe in fate, not that I’m lazy, that I like to click close…

Anyway… yesterday I jumped into the pool to see who else was swimming

My two closest neighbors both turned out to be really cool sounding ladies;

#102 Unpickled seems to start the blog as a post alcohol diary but the day I checked in she had a great post about being nice just to be nice not to manipulate or people please or for some gain.  That is a fine distinction and something I work on too.  Mine is more about karma in general but I like the sound of her so I will be back-

#104 Alphabet Salad is a real Do-It! style blogger.  She is participating in a few long term challenges so I KNOW she will keep writing AND some of her challenges are photography based and she has done some good work.  She is an inspiring person without any of the intimidation that I sometimes get on the Super Crafter sites.  I’ll be adding her to my feed to and probably joining in on some of the challenges.

Finally a comment neighbor; Muddy Boots and Diamonds – I just read her post for the day and it felt really familar.  She heard something and then had to say something… I completely understand the impulse.  Her post was specifically on library improvements and should they add more creature comforts like beds?  I say no to that one…  She seems to have a very robust blog but I have a very short window to read/commont/write so I’ll go poke around another day for sure.

so far 3:3 win, all look like nice, fun, frequent writers~