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National Blog Posting Month (and stuff)

Today is day 1 of the November Challenge!  It isn’t a super challenge anymore since I blog nearly daily anyway but making sure I hit EVERY day will be the trick.  I do love discovering new blogs also on the challenge and hopefully I’ll find some people I can add to my normal read.  The thing about finding blog friends in November is there is no guarantee that they will keep blogging….  Well, if you are visiting me from ‘the list’ Hello! Welcome!  I write a lot!


Halloween wrap up is nowhere near over but I wanted to share my costume that I created in about 2 hours from all the bits leftover from the kids costumes during Fiona’s nap.  I had everything already; I already owned the boots and a red tank top and the double sided tape I used to attach the W to the tank top (not sacrificing a tank top forever…).  I had leftover yellow vinyl a plenty (fyi, you don’t need a full yard to make a costume for a 4T), Blue cotton from Anna (again, incapable of buying under a yard and a 2t needs about a quarter), paint from the Sofia decorations (only sell by the bottle…) and velcro leftover because I decided to use zippers on Anna so I had a big pack just sitting there.  Add all that together with a set up sewing station and a will to ignore the other things that needed doing and ta da – costume recognizable enough that the security guard found me when my stray child described mommy as ‘Wonder Woman’.

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Today we are clearing the deck of all tasks put off by procraftination and we are having friends over for a little mellow party this evening.

Ps. Mom, the reason security found me was that Niamh, finding herself lost, went to the ‘place we paid’ and found help.  According to my mom who went to a seminar on the topic of child safety, sending lost kids to a cashier is way better then customer service or someone who works in the store or something more amorphous.  #1 they know where the ‘place you pay’ is and there is usually only one.  #2 no child stealer can pose as a cashier like they could easily wear a  blue smock or red shirt or even a police uniform and wander a store looking to ‘help’ little kids.  I totally do not live in fear of predators but when kids wander it is a good idea to have a safe place to find them.

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