When you have kids you can either go crazy-crazy or crazy-for-their-stuff.  Everything I’ve read leans toward the theory that you enjoy life more and are more happy if whatever you are doing makes you happy – ie – find the joy.  With kids, that means being excited for episodes of My Little Pony or bugs or new stickers.  Thankfully, it works both way and things I am excited about in general rub off on the girls and one example is BIRDS.  Spotting a bird has been a fun spontaneous activity for us for years, sometimes I can snap Fiona out of a tantrum by shouting Bird! and pointing (hopefully out a window…)  They are excited to see new ones too and our yard has turned out to be great for birding.


Today at lunch we see this ‘guy’ on our fence and he hung out long enough for me to grab the camera and big lens (and even run for a memory card).  ‘He’ was being harassed by our resident crows and  I looked it up, crows harass just to move along big birds and raptors sendom take a swipe at them since the either a. don’t really care about where they are and/or b. the crow is too much effort to catch.  This hawk went from our fence to a nearby tree and from there who knows but it was fun to watch him and learn more about our resident-evil crows.  I think he has been here before but I didn’t get a good picture last time, he blends with our yard very well~


ps. We do have ‘pet’ crows, can’t say I can tell the difference but there are usually one or two around for whatever bread or pumpkin cuttings we toss out there.


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