Happy Halloweek

Not that I have not been doing halloween stuff for WEEKs already (it is so fun!) I actually cheered when I saw I was snack mom for the week of halloween because I could make these!


They are super easy.

1. Buy bulk – costco has packs of 14 for $5 ish and Walmart had 12 packs for I think $6.  Grocery stores tend to sell 4 packs for around $3 so go bulk

1.5 you can get peaches or oranges, both are ‘pumpkin’ colored enough.

2. Get a good Sharpie

3. Find inspiration on faces, I hit up pinterest (where I got the idea originally but they used all the same face)

5. Watch tv and fill in faces.  Niamh ‘helped’ on some and I did the other about 15 in under half an hour.

6. Repack in the boxes and don’t forget spoons to send with.

Total project time 45 min for 25 including looking up face ideas


She brought them to school and they were a big hit.  All the kids liked them, and most importantly ate them.  Niamh is not on November for snack but we are up first for Dec so I need a good one…

I like the snack mom idea.  Once a month I make 25 snacks and the other 24 days I’m off the hook~


ps. can you tell the one Lars did?


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