Golden hour

Today we finally got to the farm we go to annually.  It has just the best mix of things from a good sized petting zoo to a trike track and playground and hay ride and kids ride (that Lars ends up on every year) – oh and pumpkins – but the pumpkins are over priced so we just get them elsewhere.  Every year or so there is something new but they don’t seem to take away anything so it is growing along with my kids.  They charge an admission but having 90% of everything inside included is worth it.


I brought alllll my gear including tripod hopeful to get the golden hour out in the field like I’ve done in the past.  This year it didn’t happen exactly but I still got plenty of golden light on little girls hair 🙂  No good group shots but there are a few pure 2 year old joy pictures that tell the story of why we didn’t get out to the field.  Fiona practically asleep on my shoulder, sun setting, and Zoe sleep walking we decided to skip the hay ride to the field I love and come home instead.


Here are a few, others on G+



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