Mom workout

This is a real account of my real workout last night (written then but published now).  It is not fake.  It is not embroidered…. you can’t make this up

the scene – I live a mile from the arctic circle so we have summer daylight til 10pm but it is already too dark to run at 6 here.  Husband and Child #1 are at karate.  Child #2 and #3 eat a good dinner, taking only 45 minutes to consume 4 fishsticks and a bunch of peas.  Actually a LOT of peas since Zoe spilled the bag and since the floor was clean for once I cooked them.  (See cooking them kills any germs) Anyway, dinner, bath, pj’s, last potty and amazingly enough it is 7pm on the dot so I allow myself to put on a Dora for them.  I dash to my room to put on something I can work out in and run downstairs(3 sets) to the elliptical pausing for .5 seconds to turn on the baby monitor.

On the elliptical – mess with the iPad stars app to get to my current addiction The Chair

run run run

hear something 10min in, run upstairs (3 flights) to sort out the very minor issue.  Thank god it isn’t poop or blood (all other mess can wait!)

10 min left in Dora – back to the machine (down 3 flights)

run run

iPad dies because you only get so much on once charge and I do ask a lot of the little guy. – upstairs again,(2 flights) Dora only has 2 min anyway, preheat the oven for the bread that finally rose.

(1 set up) Bedtime books, bedtime tuckin, down the stairs for a cracker, back up to give it to her.

(down 1 set ) Settle #2 with her show (up one set of stairs) put bread in the oven

(down 2 sets) to the machine again this time with an extension cord and charger

Run run run – I love Shane Dawson – run run

?what is that noise?  Is #3 calling? – slow down, pause show, Hear her playing with her toys – back up to speed

Beep beep! bread done, hop off, (up 2 sets) bread out, back to the machine (2 down)

run run run run run – getting good here, 20min straight!

Hear husband and #1 come home and hop off to tell them to shower (#1) and kiss the baby (husband) – back on the machine

run 10 more, realize that all together I’ve done 12+15+25+10= 52!!! where did I create that sort of time!!!  Must be a time warp down here.  Get off the machine and write it down.

Counting all those stairs that is a real workout.  I’m not sure how the breaks factor in but lets call that interval training.

And that is how I plan on getting rid of the 5lb I don’t want around my middle – elliptical and stair dashes



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