Other Kate gets Diamond Earings

A friend asked me recently if there has been any Other Kate action recently and the answer is yes!  I still have some random unknown other-other Kates but Australia Kate (the #1 O.K.) is doing quite well and recently her jeweler mistook her address and mine and I got an EM with the subject line “Diamond syud prices”. The spelling of stud tipped me off pretty quickly that this was for AU Kate and this time I was able to send the note on to her since I did in the end track down her real email address.  That jewelry store is lucky, that could have been a very very expensive error since she was quoting about 2k for a set and I’m sure that is in AU money so more like 3 or 4K USD.  I told her she needed at least .5 tcw 😉


So my title is just a guess really, I have no idea if she got them or not because I assume she corrected the silly jewelry store and they worked it out without me in the middle, or maybe she decided that a store that can’t read should not get her business.  We did have a nice conversation over the difference in our addresses (I’m @gmail.com and she is @mail.com) and we are now friends on facebook and everything.


As for the other other Kates – I’m still ‘enjoying’ a subscription to a soccer tips video series misdirected to me.  No news on the dating Kate in England but I did unsubscribe my address so hopefully she re did it and found someone lovley by now.


The same friend who follows this Other Kate story sent me a link to someone asking for help because it was happening to them – getting important-ish email for a different person.  I read through and it did feel very familiar and then I read the comments and I’m glad I had a happy ending because apparently they are not all so happy!  Sometimes people WANT your e-mail address so they purpously spam you with trash until you give it up and they can grab it.  That is some seriously misdirected tenacity…  I often think of my step-brother-in-law who’s email is RAPNation and he is a 50ish year old white guy who does not and will not ever rap but those are his initials and he got it first.  Baby books/sites are now wisely advising parents to look at not just what the initials for a baby will spell or stand for but also what combinations of their name in corporate email standards look like.  I worked with a thinman@ (T Hinman) who is a wonderful person but NOT a thin man.  I think I did ok in general, Fiona’s initials are a state, Zoe’s are nothing I can see, and Niamh’s worst case is a National ‘M’ League.  Not too bad for not going super obsessive over the subject.


There is the O.K. update for the quarter.  Usually as soon as I write this I get about 10 things in the next week so there may be more ….


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