Checking in with the internet world to post an update on our fall vacation.

For anyone in a rush, here are the highlights in % format

Fiona is 70% potty trained

Costumes are 75% done (Niamh 50%, Zoe 90%, Fiona 99%)

Break is 50% done (including weekend)

I still have 100% of my kids, and at least 80% of my sanity

House is 40% clean

pumpkins are 1% carved (meaning they exist in our house but thats it)

To-do map from Wednesday is around 65% done


Wednesday they declared a PJ day and that was fine with me.  Niamh ended up changing anyway but she had the option and for me, it is nice to not be telling people to get dressed 50x.  It does limit what one can do though so mostly at home projects.  They watched the movie they had been wanting for ages, they played with playdoh, they even got a new wii game because Niamh did so well on her school report and has turned a reading corner.  They also cleaned their room (with assistance) but it is less deadly in there now…  Fiona was at school all day meaning nobody had to worry about her eating their playdoh creations, stomping on their towers, or uncleaning what they clean.  For me it was a whole day of not worrying about asking her to go potty every hour.  The big surprise of the day was Fiona coming home in the same clothes she left in meaning NO ACCIDENTS!


Yesterday we went to Tamarack in the most perfect fall weather ever.  It was also a playdate for Niamh so she was super happy.  Poor Fiona ended up really suffering from allergies.  I’ve basically mom-diagnosed her sudden, vicious, random ‘cold’ that nobody else ever has as allergies.  They really do get her though and her nose runs down her throat so she hacks herself awake so on top of it all she is tired and miserable.  We got a good childrens Zyrtec and accurate dosing advice from a children’s specialist (since she is 2, but, the average weight of an 18 month old, I wanted to dose based on weight).  She went from a sad lump of mucus leaking tot to her normal happy running around snot-free self about 20 min after her first dose.  I feel bad for not finding this cure earlier….  Anyway, the day ended well and I got a ton done on halloween costumes even.  I capped the day off with a night out with some girlfriends and all the kids are big enough now that mommy is not required for bedtime (so nice!).


Today I went to the gym and we did our normal routine.  It was not so long ago that I had 3 every day so it is no big deal to add them back in.  The afternoon is looking gray outside so I’ll have to see what is on the agenda but so far so good on our break.  I think they are even having fun and I have not gone too crazy yet.  Fiona also was dry the whole time at kid care, and playing, and driving to and fro, I think we are getting somewhere.  Next up is painting Niamh’s skirt for Princess Sofia.  I made a template yesterday so it should go fast.  So far today I installed the zipper and I have a bunch of hand sewing to do tonight.  Zoe’s She Ra is good enough that she could wear it out if I pinned it on, I’m mostly missing the fasteners and a few small details.  Fiona could wear hers out now but if I have time I want to adjust the hat just a little bit.  I want them done by the end of Sunday, lets see if I meet that goal.


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