MEA vacation

So…. NY gets Jewish holidays, some states still observe Columbus day, MN decided to make up a reason for a vacation and named it MEA.  I believe it has something to do with teachers going to big teacher conventions and stands for MN Educators Association.  Anyway, for the kids it means vacation and today I had them make a list of things to do.  If you are wondering what I’m up to the next few days this it.

We also had Niamh’s first conference for the year and she is doing well, I didn’t expect much different but I am impressed by some of the things they are doing.

I also got a new social media client today!  Yeah for me and professional ventures!

Ok, off to parent two very excited girls that are still in their PJ’s (see the PJ day item)

ps.  translations for Niamh’s writing – starting at the top going around the circle


Playdate with Natalie (already planned for tomorrow)


Clean room (condition of playdate for sunday)


read books

Avery playdate (already set for Sunday)



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