A new orchard

First I have to say you know the ‘thing’ when the brand name for something just becomes the name of that thing.  Like Xerox.  Anyway, Groupon has eclipsed all other names in my head to the point where I was madly searching my email (since the app had nada) for the “Groupon” I had for the orchard today.  Silly me, it was a Living Social deal.  Living Social was first, it tends to have things I like more, but its name is just not catchy.  Oh well.  We experimented with a very very far away orchard because we had a “deal” and good thing because while the place was quaint and gorgeous and everything a fall day trip should be it had 2, possibly 3, major flaws;

1. Everything there was EXPENSIVE and for a fee.  This was mitigated by the deal since we got a meal for 4 (that was great apple brats plus drink and chips), a bag of mini donuts that the kids were mesmerized by watching the making of, and hayride/corn maze tickets for 4 (under 2 was free).  The only major thing that was tempting was a kids ride that was $4 per kid and very much not worth the fee.

2. It was a ‘no pick’ orchard.  I know it is better for the trees and yield etc but you can’t say you offer apple picking when you really offer apples in a bag.

3. No wine….  They had grape vines in an impressive sized vineyard but it was a bad year so no wine.


On the positive side they did have a bunch of kids things like wagons and playsets that were no fee, and, a very nice nature walk around.  Since we honestly didn’t want any apples since I’m tired of cooking anything and all I wanted was pictures it was really a good place to go.


The hay ‘maze’ had 3 routes to the exit and as far as I know no wrong turns possible.  Fiona lead us out and she did love the corn.

The hay ride was bumpy so my pictures are all blurry

And it was an hour away so I doubt it will be on our go-to list in the future but if you are in the SW metro it is much closer and I would recommend Luceline Orchard (if you get a groupon deal)


Home again and the last sauce was jarred.  The last Moussaka baked.  The last peppers in the freezer.  I worked out and the day ended nicely.


Today/this week is a fest of playdates and fun and all the normal things are not going to happen like normal and I’ll just be fine with that!


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