All the, All the, all the things

The past week has been a cooking marathon.  Lars came home from the farmers market with a huge box of tomatoes, a huge bag of bell peppers, 9 eggplants, and a few bunches of carrots.  Needless to say, my Wednesday was spent making tomatoes into tomato sauce meaning basically nothing (other then my contracted hours) got done on my normal ‘get things done’ day.  In fact, it was a mess making extravaganza!  

took her 10 min to de-deseed and then she ate it..

Thursday I had to prep all those eggplant and they went into a fantastic, yet tedious and multi step recipe.  On the good side I made 3 big trays, 1 we gave to a friend that loves it and just had a baby so the meal was very welcome.  We had a tasty dinner AND a good 3 or 4 meals worth in the freezer.  It was just a ton of work and in the middle of making this recipe I always vow to never make it again.  In the middle of doing this I got a surprise package from Amazon.  Something from my long neglected wish list was the perfect thing to entertain the kids while I made moussaka AND actually ‘canned’ a bunch of the sauce (nowhere near all, I ran out of jars and energy).  The gift made me tear up since it was someone tying to fill the hole left by Ashley but he wants to spread happy not  make us sad.  Thursday culminated in a long long in home presentation for refacing cabinets that was more or less a waste since the quote was just way out there.


After 2 days on my feet and non stop cooking I was exhausted and frazzled but still had more to do!  Not to mention all the things I didn’t do other than cleaning the kitchen over and over and over and the rest of the house was getting ghastly…. Friday was moussaka part 2 (sauces and assembly).  This was supposed to be the ‘easy’ day and I headed out to the gym where I got a good weights work out (since I’ve been on target with cardio for the week) and I got a distress call from a friend who needed desperate sewing help.  So, I did sauce while I taught her how to sew.  She has the basics now and I was happy to have the company BUT Fiona choose Friday to not nap, spectacularly…  Right down to a potty training melt down where she actually peed on a pile of memory cards.  That game will never be the same.  I don’t think I ever had such a ‘miss’ with any of the others but she was just tired I think, and, she is still on the very young side – she is only 2y 4m.  I nearly gave up on my evening plans but I did feel better for going out and chatting with my friend plus the kids were good so that always helps. Today we woke up to fantastically perfect fall weather, absolutely perfect for the race I signed up for.  I ran the 5k and they mis-marked the course and it was a 3.65m course so nearly a 6k, but I had a very good time (both fun and fast run).  The kids race was less organized and we actually missed the start but it was fine.  Niamh and Zoe and Lars really ran, Fiona ran then wanted to be carried.  We waited at the 1/3 mile mark so I got some good pictures of them running back.  I put Fiona on my shoulders and I was also carrying a heavy backpack but I ran the last 1/3 of a mile back to get finish line pictures.  Luckily Fiona wanted to get down and run so I could sprint and actually make it (left her with Lars) and I got all three of them crossing the line.  It was a Free race and paid snacks and t-shirts and that is perfect for me.  I could still donate to the cause and not feel like I was paying to run.  Not that it was a big race, maybe 85 people, I came in 8th or 9th overall and 2nd for women.  I was NOT passed by any strollers or pregnant women (the standard goal) but I was beat by a child – that 12 year old boy was just FAST.  The rest of the day was dealing with the last of the tomatoes – I now have a real visual for the phrase ‘bottom of the barrel’ – and playing outside.  We came inside at 5:30 and the oppressive mess just hit me.  It was a put it away or throw it away 2 hour blitz and we are back to decent…

They passed me! ( I passed them back)

waiting for the race to start

Zoe finishes strong


Fiona also finished, although she was passed by a stroller. Niamh Was the cheering squat luring her in with a snack.

High hopes we will all be a racing family…

I am sitting here super sore from too much standing, chopping/scooping, working out, racing, cleaning and  parenting!  I still have a little to finish tomorrow but we are spending most of the day out at a new orchard with friends.    It is hard to say I finished anything since there is just a little to do on nearly everything but I think I can get it all done and then get back on the halloween costume track.  Next week Zoe has no school and Niamh has Thursday and Friday off and I’m looking forward to having the crew again AND I can make Niamh’s costume with her in the house for trying on so the goal is to get them done by the end of next week….  I do like being busy but I won’t mind not seeing a tomato for a while.


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One response to “All the, All the, all the things”

  1. kateluthner79 says :

    I am commenting on my own post because I forgot to mention in there that I had Picture Day, complete with the need to put makeup on Fiona since she has been scratching her face from an old mosquito bite. I had to bring them to school for pictures since it was not a ‘normal’ school day for Zoe but at least they could fit Fiona in too, just snuck her in with the preschool…. Unfortunately Niamh forgot her backpack so I had to make a second trip to fetch it from home and deliver it back to school.


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