Halloween is coming!

It is well after my sisters birthday (Sept 28) so we can all officially talk about halloween.  Since I had 3 costumes to create, plus, one for Lars I started early and as of this weekend I’m nearly done with Fiona’s Anna

This came together really easy and fast.  The cape is a fleece blanket from walmart so no edge work.  The dress was tricky with some of the construction details but I gave up and started hand sewing to make it look right.  Painting was daunting but in the end pretty easy.  The hat took 5 min or less and the braids/hair were disgustingly easy for such a cute outcome.  I did not do pictures or a how to for this since there are plenty out there and Elsa is more popular anyway, but, if anyone wants a how to on this I could write it up.


Half done with Zoe’s SheRa

kids shera costume, other ‘wing’ somewhere…. I hope to find it soon

I am documenting this one since FireStar is just a huge hit on my blog.  No joke, no fewer than 3 people every single day of the year hit this site for DIY for Firestar.  Maybe my goal should be 80’s cartoon female hero childrens costume central. (catchy right?).  It has a TON of components and I copped out on making a sword because I found one that worked fine for $5 but my to-do list includes; boot covers, headpiece, cape, skirt, belt, bracers, bodice with details and I am going to buy a wig.  Nothing too hard but just a ton of little things.


A quarter(ish) done with Niamh’s Princess Sofia.

sorry, a huge tulle skirt just kinda looks like a pile

I ran out of fabric for Niamh, other years I’ve had so much left over I went conservative so yesterday I had to go get more.  Not a problem but cost some weekend work time.  On the positive side we got some fun new decorations and we decorated yesterday and had a good time.   She actually has a fairly easy costume and it will be super easy if I can find the right color leotard.  The odd thing for Sofia is that she has an enormous head in the cartoon and Niamh does not…. I think it will be recognizable but not ‘perfect’ since the character is just no person shaped.


Finally Lars is 5% done.  As in I got a hoodie today.  I like the concept of turning a hoodie into a good ‘dad’ costume.  This year he is going to be Olaf (the snowman from Frozen) so all he really needs is a carrot nose and the face so once I get there it will be fast.


For me?  no idea, didn’t decide on anything yet and will totally be up to timing ~

Hope Halloween is fun for you too!  Anyone know any costume contests I could enter?  I’m pretty happy with what I’m doing this year….


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