I was going to write something then…. oooh shiny internet search…

Maybe it is the weather or the fact that Zoe likes to visit me at 3am sharp daily (nightly?) and so I’m back to a bit of the mushy brain and that is not awesome for follow through on things.


I’m also mired in the kitchen question.  I like to plan, research, plan, refine etc and at this point I think I have a very good idea not only what I want but what will work in our space.  The big problem is that our builder seems gaga stuck on this one cabinet shop that offers next to none of the features I want.  Actually they offer NONE of the special features.  I wish I had time, tools, and skills to just do this myself because what I want does not seem really ‘crazy’.  The way she was telling me, toe kick drawers and skinny endcap cabinets were just ‘not done’.  Touche lady, you just don’t do them!  I found tons of links to toekick cabines and I finally found the dealer (Diamond btw) that carries them as a standard option.  Diamond and I must just agree because they ALSO have endcap style cabinets.  I want something to put my broom and aprons in, not a 12 in deep utility vault.  The lady just keeps giving me designs that are grade D.  How can I just get a real designer to look at what I put together and say, ok, yes, and add these trade secret things and ok perfect!

see how it opens the ‘other’ way? Like not in line with the others, but, an endcap. I knew I was not crazy to think this existed…

Bob Villa knows what I like. Maybe watching him on PBS for my formative years sunk in.


So kitchen is in limbo waiting on so many things…


Otherwise a busy catch up style week.  I had a ton of baking to do and the more ‘help’ I have the slower that tends to go but they do like to help.  My breakfast muffins have become the #1 choice for Niamh and Zoe and I can’t keep up with them!  We have three prime cereals in the cabinet abandoned and unselected in favor of muffins and saussages.  More baking equals more shopping and cleaning so around around the rabbit hole I go.  To top it off I have a yen to figure out pretzels…


In brainless issues, I keep loosing my phone.  It is always somewhere…. but far too often I have to wait until one of my alarms to go off to eco-locate the thing.  I try not to be on my phone with the kids playing so it gets left all sorts of places.  Funny thing is, my alarm 9:45 is the sound of crickets (reminder to check on kids and make them really sleep and stop reading/playing/coloring etc) and we happen to have a cricket colony in our garage and front yard.  Sorry to all the people that text and I don’t answer for hours, that is the brainless reason why.


Lack of sleep keeps me starting projects but not actually finishing.  Ok, kids plus lack of sleep make this really a problem!  It might drive Lars crazy but I need my alarms because I get into something and I can do so without worry that I will miss a bus or other timing thing.  One of the projects that keeps getting shuffled is writing here.  If you are wondering what I’m doing I’ll give you a short list of the most likely things;

Reading a book for a 509873 time

picking up stuff



parenting (sometimes loudly)


looking for my phone (or other lost thing)

obsessively measuring and re measuring my kitchen

driving somewhere

working out


passed out

random internet tangents

writing things that are not blog entries

waiting for a bus


So if you come here and see the same thing as yesterday there is a 90% chance I’m doing one of those things.


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