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Happy Halloween

Big blogging month starts tomorrow so full Halloween report to come.

Typed lovingly with my thumbs


When you have kids you can either go crazy-crazy or crazy-for-their-stuff.  Everything I’ve read leans toward the theory that you enjoy life more and are more happy if whatever you are doing makes you happy – ie – find the joy.  With kids, that means being excited for episodes of My Little Pony or bugs or new stickers.  Thankfully, it works both way and things I am excited about in general rub off on the girls and one example is BIRDS.  Spotting a bird has been a fun spontaneous activity for us for years, sometimes I can snap Fiona out of a tantrum by shouting Bird! and pointing (hopefully out a window…)  They are excited to see new ones too and our yard has turned out to be great for birding.


Today at lunch we see this ‘guy’ on our fence and he hung out long enough for me to grab the camera and big lens (and even run for a memory card).  ‘He’ was being harassed by our resident crows and  I looked it up, crows harass just to move along big birds and raptors sendom take a swipe at them since the either a. don’t really care about where they are and/or b. the crow is too much effort to catch.  This hawk went from our fence to a nearby tree and from there who knows but it was fun to watch him and learn more about our resident-evil crows.  I think he has been here before but I didn’t get a good picture last time, he blends with our yard very well~


ps. We do have ‘pet’ crows, can’t say I can tell the difference but there are usually one or two around for whatever bread or pumpkin cuttings we toss out there.

Scary full day

I can’t believe it is 3 already!!!  I have 1 hour before bus and I’ve hardly breathed.  I said this last week but wednesdays are just so full now with early client meetings, work resulting from meetings and today I got to volunteer at Niamh’s school.

I will NEVER NEVER be a 1st grade teacher.  I do like helping out though 🙂  I sign up for reading time and this teacher has a fantastic method that seems like she has 25  balls in the air at the same time!  I got there and got given 2 boys and a worksheet with sounds and words and then if we finished a book for them to read.  Good thing I’m in practice with the helping sonding out but the boys were great.  While I was working with this little group she had a steady stream of kids bringing up journals or a variety of other work (apparently there is a batch of work to ‘get done’ in the week but they choose what and when).  The boys finished and I got Niamh’s group of 4 girls and they were giggly but did all the things.  I did notice that the level was different but good and we finished up with about 8min left.  That was not enough for another group so I just helped some of the kids with whatever they had out.

Then to Zoe’s class that I technically crashed because they were not ready for lunch yet but Zoe loved to show me her work.  It is preschool and other sessions of this school include a parent day every two weeks so I’m sure the teacher is used to it since this is not her first year.  I ended up being helpful getting the preK crew to lunch since there was an ‘incident’ in the boys bathroom and I was able to stay with the lined up kids and entertain them away from the incident and the teacher and aid could help the boy.  If I was not there they could manage fine but I was happy to help.  Lunch with Zoe seems a fair trade since I spent 45min with Niamh’s class plus she is in the same lunch period anyway so I could go visit.  Zoe’s friends were so happy I knew all their names but I did have a trick, all their lunch boxes were labeled clearly and I can read 😉

Home to a marathon of work stuff.  Feels so odd to say that but I really do have a job here now~  Quick blog post and now to tackle the house….

here is a quick pic I used as a sub headshot since client S doesn’t have one for me yet.  Maybe I should smile…

photo (21)

I’m asking for directions – or suggestions – please


Over the past few weeks/months my subscription has grown to over 400, thank you thank you thank you all!  I check out everyone that subscribes and for a while there (last yearish) they were all ‘get rich blogging’ style sites so at least 15 should not count.


When I started reading and writing nearly 10 years ago (wow, 10!) blog were new enough that they were fun but they were established enough that there was a crew of ‘A’ list people who ‘started it’ and I joined in specifically to read 3 friends blogs and to write my own so family/friends back home could keep up with my life.  I also joined LiveJournal to keep up with some other friends but I never liked the organization on that site.  In the past 10 years Facebook has become the go-to for the majority of my real life friends and the three people I started with don’t even write anymore – One finished his story, one’s kids grew up, one got ‘in trouble’ with her blog and got disillusioned.  I carried on reading a selection of blogs of people I came to call ‘blog friends’ but over the years many of them stopped writing too.  Right now my feed shows 2 or 3 blog friends that update regularly and a few craft style blogs I check in on.  Basically my feed and link section (on the right) is a wasteland that I need to tidy up.  Every so often I look around but if I add someone new they seem to stop writing that day!  I even logged into livejournal yesterday to see if thats where people were and a friend or two is still there but not many.

Here is my question(s)


1. Do YOU have a blog?  If yes and you write fairly regularly please stick it in the comments

2. To my facebook friends – same thing – is there a place you write more than 120 characters?

3. Who would you suggest?  Someone with a POV, someone with an ongoing story, I like to read all sorts but I like there to actually be something to read

4. Where is everyone?  Reddit is a nice place to get news and funnies but it isn’t a personal story – same with twitter.  Instagram is a fun one but not exactly the meat I’m looking for.


Thank you in advance.  I really really like reading about people (as apparently 400ish of you do to)

Happy Halloweek

Not that I have not been doing halloween stuff for WEEKs already (it is so fun!) I actually cheered when I saw I was snack mom for the week of halloween because I could make these!


They are super easy.

1. Buy bulk – costco has packs of 14 for $5 ish and Walmart had 12 packs for I think $6.  Grocery stores tend to sell 4 packs for around $3 so go bulk

1.5 you can get peaches or oranges, both are ‘pumpkin’ colored enough.

2. Get a good Sharpie

3. Find inspiration on faces, I hit up pinterest (where I got the idea originally but they used all the same face)

5. Watch tv and fill in faces.  Niamh ‘helped’ on some and I did the other about 15 in under half an hour.

6. Repack in the boxes and don’t forget spoons to send with.

Total project time 45 min for 25 including looking up face ideas


She brought them to school and they were a big hit.  All the kids liked them, and most importantly ate them.  Niamh is not on November for snack but we are up first for Dec so I need a good one…

I like the snack mom idea.  Once a month I make 25 snacks and the other 24 days I’m off the hook~


ps. can you tell the one Lars did?

she ra – first cut

Great time doing a ‘real’ photo shoot!  All three girls behaved very well and Zoe was a real star.  Here is a rough draft of some of the highlights of Zoe (aka SheRa Princess of Power).She Ra  Princess of Power