At least

I have my family!

family 2014 sept

We picked apples and did a ton of fun things all weekend and even took this picture for Zoe’s ‘homework’.  I think I have a family picture every year but last year because of the exact same family project they do first thing.  I blame Niamh’s lame teacher for basically doing nothing for my lack of picture from last September.  Anyway, that leaves me here on Monday to deal with all the things I avoided all weekend/last week because my mom was visiting.


1. I’m a laundry hoarder.  I do laundry very well to the point of putting it away and that is where I stall.  I know, just put it away a bit at a time but I keep thinking “I will wait on the next load…” and then I end up with stacks of clean laundry all over my room.  Basically Niamh has learned to say good buy to anything that goes in the hamper for a good 2 weeks.  Socks are even worse, I wait to pair them until the bitter end and right now I don’t think anyone has any and flip flop season is over.  I must face the laundry and conquor.


2. MOMS club had a nasty rental increase on our meeting space.  I’m brushing off all my contract and negotiation skills but they tend to only work with people who actually answer the phone or answer emails in under 6 weeks.  I truly don’t want to move space but 3x increase is a bit much.


3. MOMs club continued….. the endless feeling that I’m alone in this club.  Truly I am not, I have met great people and I have fun with them, but I am getting tired of planning so much!  I value all the people that do pitch in but they are as likely to disappear for a few months as be totally rock solid…


4. The Ashley thing – now that I have ‘down time’ my thoughts drift that way, plus, I had to go badger my way through the Melaleuca system to get her off the program.  I think I did win that one but I won’t know for sure until tomorrow.  The selfish downside is that without her I’m below the minimum so I also have to start looking for a ‘replacement’ person.


5. Kitchen decisions decisions and money.  Plus the contractor is super busy and the cabinet lady he saddled us with is …. um… not to my taste.  I have a plan I think but it is in a worrying spot right now.


6. My book/letter!  I totally forgot about it so I’m a week behind!  I know what to write, I have a plan, so just need to do it.


7. Subtraction project; also got a bit forgotten.  I’ll work my way through because there were good prompts but I had a busy week.


There are all my woes fit to print.  Throw in being on the tired side and seasonal nose drip (related issues) and I just want to hide until someone solves my problems for me.  I have a feeling that won’t really happen so I will put in another load, fold and put away, post pleading messages on facebook and steel myself for the deafening silence while figuring out what to do on all the thinking projects.

ps.  blessings; Fiona took an awesome nap, the sun and sky are bright, I ran 5mi yesterday and felt strong the whole time, a friend had a baby so I have a reason to bake a pie, and my corner of the world is safe.


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3 responses to “At least”

  1. allthoughtswork says :

    Tell your hubby to stop channeling James Gandolfini. I’m nervous enough.


    • kateluthner79 says :

      LOL, must be his imposing sunglasses stare. There is no way to take a good posed pic of him. Fortunately he acts nothing like a wise guy, nor does he really even look like one (other than being a stocky white guy from jersey….)


      • allthoughtswork says :

        I think Stocky White Guys From Jersey is an actual gang. They roam from pub to pub on weekends in football jerseys, intimidating flimsy bar stools and beating the crap out of cheese fries.


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