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Yesterday, among a disaster of a workout evening, where the pool ended up being closed again and dinner had serious delay, I ended up on the elliptical in my own house.  Usually I watch something on netflix but I just didn’t have a ton of energy so I wanted something shorter and the Emma Watson speech for HeForShe was top of my list.


She is a bit younger then me and we have very different lives but we both had the fortune of families that love and challenge us, schools that expected nothing less, and early success in careers that boosted confidence.  The speech touches on a ton of good points, it is worth a critical listen, and I especially like that it is an invitation for men too.  For men to not just support women, but, to seek equality too.  I have bitterly accepted that the ‘I can do it all’ statement is just PART of the statement – it should be more like “I can do it all, one thing at a time” because yes, I can have an amazing career, a family, and a great home plus the perks of a happy life but not all at the exact same time.  Technically the same is true for guys too, you just can’t be 100% there for your kids and 100% rockstar at work because nobody gets 200%.

However, the fact that one of my girlfriends stay at home husband is constantly thinking he has no value, and, the annoying chipper Linked IN Email declaring that the guy who ‘replaced’ me at my former job has just been promoted to Purchasing Manager makes me want to hit something.  I feel I have value, why doesn’t the stay at home dad?  I worked my tail off at work for 5 years before I started to see that I had no future, good to know a guy can walk in and after 2 years be where I was told I would never be.  I know things constantly change everywhere and no two situations are the same but it does not stop me from being ticked off.  (It does not help that I succumed to the childrens cold so I’m not in the best mood)

I’m not sure how I can support HeForShe but sharing the speech seems like a fair way to start.

I will also try to drop my notion of ‘manly’ behavior because I dislike judgement of ‘womens work’ so to be equal I can’t hold a guy to a standard that may not be at all fair. **This is not to say we should not still be ladies and gentlemen but that is a different statement.

What else?

If not me who… if not now when?


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