Friday wins

This has been a week that I need to count my blessings….  Nothing BAD but plenty of minor bad that just wear me out so here is my post to cheer myself up


1. I WON PMI!!!!  So my long fight with The Man about PMI is over and I am victorious!  Technically I didn’t actually give them any compelling argument BUT by challenging the system they reviewed the file and found that we don’t require PMI because we meet the 80/20% ratio.  I thought that was the rule, but, they were saying 75/25% and I just thought I didn’t remember right.  I even dug through old closing documents (finding that we have a ton of house related paper) but didn’t see anything I could hang my hat on so I went down the path of arguing valuation points, time of year comps etc.  I want my argument to have been so good I won, but, I’ll take the win however I get it.  As a bonus, I get back my PMI for all the months that we should not have paid.


2. I had a nice workout today.  It was the first opportunity all week and felt nice to climb the monuments of the world on the stair climber.


3. I have an interesting kitchen plan in my hands and I finally figured out what I want so now we can move on to refining details

3a. I got an hour solo to go to the Home Despot AND a conversation with Miss Math yesterday and both were rejuvenating


4. Niamh wanted to read MORE this morning – she is actually getting less painful


Plenty of other fine things in life actually, food in the (clean) pantry, money in the bank, kids that slept all night in their own beds….


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