I Miss Outlook

I used to have my world planned minute to minute and before I took an obligation I would look to see what else was going on….  Not that I didn’t double book or juggle – that just has to happen sometimes but I was AWARE of it.


Now, I have a number of ways I’m supposed to keep track of things but none of them are the same as an ever present computer 12 inches from my face.  This would not be a problem if I didn’t seek to fill all my time with things to do and places to be…  I keep track of 99% but this week has been a winner for having the wrong date for something.  I miss the ding of an outlook meeting~  (I don’t miss the meetings by the way).  Like it or not I need to write down all the places I need to be and when and then check it.  I think the part that gets me is that most of my days are fairly routine with a 10am outing daily that changes per day but then other things come up and I juggle it around without aid of writing anything down and then oops!  I miss a playdate ….


In a lot of ways I keep way more in my head then I used to, I used to have no idea what meeting was even next until I heard the bell but now I run the risk of missing things completely.  It isn’t as bad as all that, I do have things on computer calendars but I just don’t get to my computer until well after lunch, if not well after dinner, so unless it syncs to my phone and then my phone dings and it isn’t in my normal run it just has a 50/50 chance of sticking.  Good thing I am good at saying ‘I’m sorry’ and hopefully the playdate I missed today will still speak to me next week~




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