Zoe likes to be the fast one

When I had Niamh it took 24h of labor (apparently I’m THAT mom who brings up hours of labor).  Not that I liked nearly anything about those 24 hours BUT it was a transition zone between before and after baby.

With Zoe I was expecting less labor overall  but she was born SO FAST that it was shocking that I suddenly had the baby that had been inside so long OUTSIDE already!  No transition time really, we got to the hospital, checked in, then they let me wander and there was a kid stuff sale.  I got back to the room for a 1 hour check and within the hour I had a baby.  I’m talking fast here.

Zoe has kept up that pace with surprising me~  She was a fast walker and a super fast talker.  Right now she talks as well as any kid in elementary – sometimes that is a bad thing since her mouth-filter is not all that developed and so she will clear as a bell talk about some embarrassing thing.  Her peers are all around her level now but I had a 2 year old talking like a 6 year old…. shockingly fast.

Now school.  I thought I had another whole year with her at home or with the 2 day’s at daycare but the world moved such that now she will be getting on a bus for full day school Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I know, I’ve said this a ton of times in the past few weeks but I thought I had a year to wait and this fell together in about 4 weeks!  If there is a fast track, Zoe will find it.  I don’t want to think too hard about the fact that the slope is getting slippery with school starting – First mandatory full day kindergarten because the nom and now 3 day full day prek… that is how kindergarten was before.  Will Fiona have full day every day preK?  Is that good?  I don’t know and I don’t want to dig on that too hard.  It is what works for us right now with Zoe~ She keeps asking when she gets to go to school and today I can finally say ‘Monday’.

Today was her orientation and the school did a great job.  Far more info was given then I ever got from Kindergarten.  The style open house the school runs is more convenient and festive but I like this exact time, sit and listen, get all the info that the preschool did.  Zoe will actually end up being ‘with’ Niamh more often then we thought since they have the same play and lunch time.  Not sure if that is a pro or a con but we will see…

All her everything is labeled so I suppose it is official.

kidecals.com ftw


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