Project progress

We too the big step and actually talked to a professional about making our kitchen less of a trap.  It is a real trap, like you get stuck, because there are some serious choke points at important places.  When it was just Lars and I not caring about cooking it was fine, then we added a kid, then 3 and Lars got the memo I was not going to cook gourmet so now he cooks (very well!) shedding a light on our only vaguely adequate kitchen.  Bottom line, our kitchen is not big enough for our growing family and we need to make it bigger.


Our builder comes highly recommended and is very cool with us using our own subcontractors for things like flooring and he likes all of our ideas.  Major credit to a friend from NJ who sketched on a napkin in 3 seconds the perfect plan… Must be something to the fact she is a professional designer and has been for 12ish years (anyone need a designer?  She really is great at her job). I added to the plan thoughts I’ve been maturing for years and today we found out some firm yeses and firm nos to things and that is so nice to quit wondering and guessing!  The ball is rolling but I won’t get excited until I see some numbers on paper.  The best news all meeting was that he said we would only be without a sink for maybe a week!!! So much better then I was thinking 🙂


On top of it all he was nice~


so Zoe came down and wanted to help so I let her pick a picture for the post and she me in 1988… That is what I get for letting her pick




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One response to “Project progress”

  1. pmizzi says :

    The same designer did a similar favor for us one memorable Christmas when she was trapped at our house. The TV room has been transformed by a few moves.


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