Monday oh Monday, My last 2 kid Monday

It must seem like I’m constantly counting up or down to something….  In some ways I suppose I am because every so often I get to a point where all the things I’ve been planning on are done and I have nothing to count toward and I feel a little lost.  Babies (other peoples) are like that, I get a ‘batch’ that I watch and they usually all are born within a few months and then I have to go look for more babies to wait for~  My current batch of babies I’m watching is very eclectic – 2 mom’s club friends – one born and one due very very soon, an old work friend, and I just learned yesterday my elementary school BFF is something like 7 months but was keeping it mum from the facebook world.


Anyway, that was a tangent…  So today is my one day this week that does not have a set morning plan but we managed to fill it fast once I thought about it for 3.5 seconds.  Books to the library (and more out again) and checks to the bank.  Then all the normal stuff but I got a big jump on cleaning yesterday because Fiona too a nice nap and Lars was gone most of the day and evening so I cleaned and listened to my book and don’t I have an exciting life 🙂  Speaking of, I feel like I ‘arrived’ by attracting a semi snarky comment over the weekend!  She probably is not a long time reader or she would know that I don’t actually shop for shoes often at all AND I also hike, bike, run, beach, travel by car/plane and boat, ALL with 3 kids (who btw came to be in the world the old fashioned way, a nod to her final ‘action’ that she does rather then shoe shop).  She did get me thinking, the last time I shoe shopped was an absolute run through DSW to find something to replace my broken sandals.  Before that was a click and buy purchase for my sisters wedding shoe.  Before that…. I can’t actually remember, probably 2 years ago getting shoes for Karen’s wedding when I took this picture because when you are shopping w an infant, 2 and 4 year old you either embrace the crazy or go down crying.

Niamh age 4

Niamh age 4 – shoe loves are born not made

It was nice to get defended in comments too, almost feels like a real blog here not just my daily typing exercise 🙂

So other then a jam packed week of things, the subtraction project (today is desktops… my desk is a holey hell of bad because I share an office with Lars but I am only down here about an hour a day and I work frantically and then leave) and all the regular things.  I used to listen to the news and NPR and that gave me tons to talk about, need to get back to that so there is something more than ‘oh, ah, same thing different week’.  Looping back to the title, we are counting down to Zoe full day preschool next week!  It is really just getting back to what we had last year with M and W but now we are adding in Friday and also saving money doing it – win win.

Time to give some attention to this desk I’m at, good to clean it every now and then, I wonder what treasure I might find?


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