Winding down and winding up

Yesterday we went to Niamh’s open house, and by we I mean me and all three but no Lars.  It was not the easiest thing I’ve done and I tell myself often that basically nobody pays much attention to other peoples kids and even if they do notice it is in passing.  That is to say that behavior was not what I wanted exactly but I blame myself for some of it.

– Fiona was in daycare for the day and we went directly from picking her up to the open house so she was riled up and clingy all at the same time.

– Niamh and Zoe and I went to the childrens museum and stayed until 3 so we only had about 15min of downtime in between getting home and leaving again

– food and drink were a bit random for all three

We did better then survive, we met Niamh’s teacher and also Zoe’s preschool teacher.  I didn’t yell at anyone and only had to bribe a little.  We had all the things we needed and it was way easier then last year.

Yesterday was a perfect example of how we are winding up summer with one last outing, one last lazy morning and winding up the fall with open house and seeing school and school friends.

Today it feels like someone flipped the switch for fall and while I know there are weeks of warm weather to come still I can almost taste fall.  There is excitement in planning the next phase for us all

– Niamh to 1st grade!  She does not know any of the girls in her class but most of the boys.

-Zoe starts preschool in 3 weeks with all day MWF

-Fiona and I need to plan our lives for M and F since just chilling at home is not fun for her at all

– I have a great group in MOMs club now and they seem game for more in the fall, a very nice change from last year


I also made the big step of cutting off the bedtime feeding with Fiona 2 days ago.  She is not taking it too well but given she is instantly ‘ok’ when I offer her a Dora or something I think that it is mostly just the loss of the routine.  I am hopefully that by next Thursday she won’t be fussing about it anymore.  Unless she gets way fast on potty training I think we have a winner for that race.  I never felt like breast feeding was a ‘loss’ of my body and now I have it ‘back’ but I do appreciate that I can wear a ton of things again that have been off rotation since they were not nursing friendly.  It is a step further away from the baby time in my life but I think that is ok since I’m moving toward a ton of fun things and most importantly, the possible get-away weekend child free!


September is always a time for me to find new beginnings so I guess I’m looking for them and as August is dwindling I feel ready for September.


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