A war on multiple fronts, and, the end of summer

War is such a strong word… I’m having an ongoing ‘thing’ with too many places to concentrate.  I’m lucky I’m keeping up my end.  In short I am;


Arguing with the bank about the value of our house.  I just hate PMI and we should be clear of it but no…..  However there is a dispute process and in the middle of that I am.  It is a pain in the but process and they make it that way so people don’t fuss at them.  They just don’t know how long I will fill out forms.


Working with MOMS club to do end of year stuff.  Being president is not a day to day task exactly but there is a report at the end of each year to make.  I actually completely forgot about this and it goes to show when something is important to someone else they will call and remind you.  I hate to have it come to that but nice to know the net is there.  Anyway, while certainly not a war this was a battle because of all the odd bits of things I had to gather.  There was even a fun surprise with our books and I had the joy of accusing my treasure of being…. the WORST EMBELLEZER EVER!  We were $200 over what she thought and once we got all the details together we found some of the problems and I can give a very good guess about the remaining mystery.  The nice thing here is that we got all sorts of kudos for fixing the mess we found, apparently most people just pretend it does not exist and dump it.  Nice to be winning this one and I think it is just about done – just need to hear back.


Today we are winning the war on the kitchen!  Lars helped and he and I just methodically got the kitchen really nice yesterday.  Fiona helped by sleeping.  This is the war that never ends because while we win in the kitchen we were outflanked in the play room….  I think I need more soldiers to win this one (or maybe less, I don’t know)


And then finally, this picture is my win for the summer.  All playing, outside, together and grazing in the garden.   Good thing because tomorrow is my unofficial end of the summer…  Wednesday we are starting early wake up and early bedtimes because however nice it is that the kids are sleeping til 8 or 9 or even 10 they need to be ready for the bus.

Baby timer up, Fiona wants to be rescued from her nap!


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